For 23 years, Body Talk has helped over 120,000 people worldwide communicate with confidence

Body Talk believes that everyone can be a great communicator, and we want to help you access your full potential.

  • Body Talk offers workshops and coaching that help you remove habits that might hold you back and equips you with the tools you need to unleash your inner communicator. If you're looking to improve your presentation skills, business communication, or just your confidence in general, Body Talk can help you on your journey to success.

  • Proven techniques, scientifically tested to create powerful results for clients from all over the world

  • Expert Body Talk trainers with decades of experience teaching clients how to apply simple strategies in real life situations

  • Interactive training that allows you to learn new skills easily, with techniques you can apply immediately

Why Choose Body Talk


Gain the benefits of professional in-person training workshops in the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

  • Video tutorials

    Learn powerful techniques through short video lessons, that allow you to quickly master new skills

  • Quizzes & Assignments

    Check your learning with quizzes and send personal assignments to your coach, to gain feedback and make further improvements

  • Live Coaching Online

    Some courses include a live coaching session, online at a time that suits you, to refine your skills and increase your confidence


Meet some of our expert Body Talk team

CEO & Founder Richard Newman

Richard has been working with advanced communication techniques since 1995, as a speaker, author and coach. Richard founded Body Talk in 2000 and his team have since worked with 75,000 clients from 46 countries including events in Dubai, Sydney, Toronto, Delhi, Madrid, Singapore, Las Vegas, Moscow and Tokyo. Richard has scientifically proven the Body Talk training will increase your ratings for leadership qualities and personal influence, partnering with University College London (UCL) to create one of the largest studies on influence. Richard and the Body Talk training team love to see their learners thrive.

Communication Skills Specialist Chetan Pathak

Chetan Pathak is a writer and trained broadcast journalist who has worked extensively across BBC television and radio, in News and in Sport. He has been privileged to join some of the world's top athletes and provided coverage from some of the world’s biggest sporting events such as the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and the men’s and women’s FA Cup finals. Chetan has also worked as an actor in TV, theatre and records voiceovers. From working with CEOs to Universities, to business, Chetan's aim is always to share what he does as a journalist and broadcaster to help everyone create more compelling content and empower them to deliver more impactful presentations.

Communication Skills Specialist Charlie Evans

Charlie Evans is an accomplished and accredited, trained actress appearing on TV, films, advertisements and voice-overs. Charlie is also a qualified psychotherapist, with experience in both performance and psychology, she has a unique ability to instantly put learners at ease whilst encouraging and supporting them to reach their full potential. Charlie is helps and supports learners personally and professionally to overcome self-sabotage, achieve a peak performance mindset and gain the physical, vocal and emotional tools to increase confidence and develop essential communication skills.


Amazing Clients All Over The World

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Nick Bonney

Former Head of Insights at Camelot and EE

“These strategies transformed the way our team communicate, accelerating our progress and increasing our success. Richard and the Body Talk team have a rare skill for teaching powerful techniques in a dynamic way and delivering real-world results.”

Di Macdonald

Former Head of Learning at Expedia, Apple and L'Oreal

“Richard is the rockstar of communication! Not only is he a master at teaching these skills, I have seen his strategies turn ordinary people into superstars. It’s remarkable!”

David Murray

Director of Professional Speechwriters Association

“One of the most thoughtful and incredibly creative teachers of communication I’ve come across in my career.”

Ait Voncke

Senior Vice President, Expedia

“The techniques Richard teaches are world class. He has electrified our team and boosted our results.”


  • What solutions do you offer for corporate clients? Can you create a bespoke package for our team?

    Yes, let us know your goals and we will create a tailored solution for you. We offer a range of training formats such as eLearning, virtual Masterclasses, virtual small group workshops, in person workshops and Personal Coaching.

  • What results can I expect to gain from an online course?

    We have been thrilled to receive incredible feedback from our learners. Learners have been able to immediately apply the techniques into their work interactions and save time to plan meetings/presentations, gain buy in to their ideas such as securing finance to employ additional colleagues in their team and improve their confidence and impact immediately. We track progress on quizzes, assignments and live webinars and have been amazed by how much progress they have made in a short time.

  • How do the courses work?

    You have access to a series of short video tutorials, hosted by expert communication specialists, to learn key communication principles and techniques. You can download your digital workbook and make your own notes. After completing a module there is a short quiz to check how much you have learned and ensure you understand the most important areas. You may also complete tasks to practise techniques. Some courses allow you to submit these to a Body Talk trainer who will send you feedback. You may also wish to add on Personal Coaching to continue your learning journey and increase your skills.

  • Do you offer any other courses?

    We are creating courses all the time for our clients. If there is a subject you are interested in learning just get in touch at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

  • Do you offer live online training?

    Yes - we offer a range of live training formats covering a variety of subjects such as Storytelling for Business, Impact & Influence and Peak Performance Mindset.

  • Do you offer face-to-face training?

    Yes, we have been running live workshops for over 22 years all over the world. Check out the Body Talk website ( for more details or email us on [email protected]

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