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    1. How to use the website

    2. Welcome to Body Talk & eLearning

    3. Welcome from Richard Newman, the Body Talk founder

    4. Meet your Body Talk trainer, Charlie

    5. Meet your Body Talk trainer, Chetan

    6. How should I participate in this Course?

    7. CPD Certified

    8. Your digital workbook

    9. Pre-Course reflection

    10. Let's get interactive

    11. Task 1

    12. Task 1 - Additional instructions

    1. The science of communication

    2. Behind the scenes - Influence study with University College London

    3. Influence study results

    4. Congruency

    5. The 3 key questions of communication

    6. Posture

    7. Legs - the fatal distractions

    8. Presence when sitting down

    9. 3 tips for gestures

    10. Tension

    11. Eye contact

    12. Smile & facial expressions

    13. Recap the 6 key areas

    14. Recap quiz for communication style

    15. Task 2

    16. Task 2 instructions

    17. Personal development plan

    1. The most important question for your content

    2. The power of storytelling

    3. The Hero's Journey

    4. Who is the Hero?

    5. Establish the Mentor

    6. The Hero, Mentor and Shapeshifter in movies

    7. PRO system overview

    8. Using PRO as a questioning tool

    9. Pain and Pleasure

    10. The Biggest Challenge

    11. The most important question for your narrative

    12. "Ultimately"

    13. Don't skip forwards to details!

    14. "What if...?" M.T.V

    15. The Camel Test

    16. Storytelling at Apple

    17. Credibility and benefits

    18. Recap quiz

    19. Storytelling in 3s

    20. Sign-posts

    21. The Announcement

    22. PRO Grid so far

    23. Get into the details

    24. Finish with confidence

    25. 9 x greater results

    26. PRO Grid complete

    27. Task 3: Your PRO script

    28. Task 3: Put PRO into practise

    29. Personal development plan

    1. The one thing you need

    2. The biggest mistake

    3. W.A.I.T.

    4. Combat vs Collaboration

    5. Investigate the problem

    6. Think like a Doctor

    7. So if...

    8. The Final Check

    9. How long does it take?

    10. 3 common challenges

    11. "But" vs. "So..."

    12. Quiz on E.C.P.C.

    13. Personal development plan

    14. ECPC instructions

    1. And finally...

    2. How to keep in touch

    1. You Were Born To Speak

    2. Audio book - You Were Born To Speak - Foreword

    3. You Were Born To Speak - Introduction

    4. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 2 - You Were Born To Feel

    5. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 3 - The Science of Communication

    6. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 4 - You Were Born To Stand

    7. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 5 - You Were Born To Move

    8. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 6 - You Were Born To Use Your Voice

    9. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 7 - You Were Born To Adapt

    10. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 8 - You Were Born To Lead

    11. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 9 - You Were Born To Tell Stories

    12. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 10 - You Were Born Visual

    13. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 11 - You Were Born To Thrive

    14. You Were Born To Speak - Chapter 12 - You Were Born To Collaborate

    15. You Were Born To Speak - Final Thoughts - Become The Person You Were Born To Be

About this course

  • 94 lessons

Meet your Body Talk training team

CEO & Founder Richard Newman

Richard has been working with advanced communication techniques since 1995, as a speaker, author and coach. Richard founded Body Talk in 2000 and his team have since worked with 75,000 clients from 46 countries including events in Dubai, Sydney, Toronto, Delhi, Madrid, Singapore, Las Vegas, Moscow and Tokyo. Richard has scientifically proven the Body Talk training will increase your ratings for leadership qualities and personal influence, partnering with University College London (UCL) to create one of the largest studies on influence. Richard and the Body Talk training team love to see their learners thrive.

Communication Skills Specialist Chetan Pathak

Chetan Pathak is a writer and trained broadcast journalist who has worked extensively across BBC television and radio, in News and in Sport. He has been privileged to join some of the world's top athletes and provided coverage from some of the world’s biggest sporting events such as the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and the men’s and women’s FA Cup finals. Chetan has also worked as an actor in TV, theatre and records voiceovers. From working with CEOs to Universities, to business, Chetan's aim is always to share what he does as a journalist and broadcaster to help everyone create more compelling content and empower them to deliver more impactful presentations.

Communication Skills Specialist Charlie Evans

Charlie Evans is an accomplished and accredited, trained actress appearing on TV, films, advertisements and voice-overs. Charlie is also a qualified psychotherapist, with experience in both performance and psychology, she has a unique ability to instantly put learners at ease whilst encouraging and supporting them to reach their full potential. Charlie is helps and supports learners personally and professionally to overcome self-sabotage, achieve a peak performance mindset and gain the physical, vocal and emotional tools to increase confidence and develop essential communication skills.