Make your ideas concise, clear and captivating

On this course you'll learn how to structure your written and spoken communication, to increase your personal impact and influence, as well as ensuring you are a compelling storyteller, able to engage every audience you speak to

  • Discover the PRO storyteling system that will enable you to structure every message and meeting more effectively

  • Learn the P.I.T.C.H. techniques - five advanced storytellling tools for business, that will help make your message 550% more memorable

  • Develop a more dynamic communication style, with the Speaker Spectrum, so that you can adapt to every situation and enhance the impact of your message

What's included?

Check out the course curriculum and learning journey

    1. Welcome to your course!

    2. Intro to your trainer

    3. How this course works

    4. How to use the website

    5. Your Workbook

    6. Let's get interactive

    7. Pre-course survey

    1. The most important question for your content

    2. The power of storytelling

    3. The Hero's Journey

    4. Workbook instructions

    5. PRO system overview

    6. Using PRO as a questioning tool

    7. Who is the Hero?

    8. Establish the Mentor

    9. Pain and Pleasure

    10. The Biggest Challenge

    11. M.T.V.

    12. "Ultimately"

    13. Don't skip forwards to details!

    14. "What if...?"

    15. The Camel Test

    16. Storytelling at Apple

    17. Credibility and Benefits

    18. PRO grid so far

    19. Recap Quiz

    20. The Announcement

    21. Get into the details

    22. Storytelling in 3s

    23. Sign-posts

    24. Finish with confidence

    25. 9 x greater results

    26. PRO grid complete

    27. Your Personal Development Plan

    1. Create your pitch

    2. Pitch options to choose from

    1. Introducing the PITCH system - making complex ideas compelling

    2. Workbook instructions 2

    3. Make numbers meaningful

    4. 550% increase in how much your audience remember

    5. The Power of 'Gap Theory'

    6. Every news story needs a compelling...

    7. PITCH Quiz

    8. Personal Development - Part 2

    1. Add P.I.T.C.H. to your script

    2. Assignment instructions

    1. Why do you need to vary your communication style?

    2. Workbook instructions 3

    3. Inspire, Energise and Enthuse

    4. Speak with authority

    5. How to lighten the mood

    6. Speak less, listen more

    7. Which style do you need to practise?

    8. Personal Development - Part 3

About this course

  • £299.00
  • 78 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Meet Your Instructors

CEO & Founder Richard Newman

Richard has been working with advanced communication techniques since 1995, as a speaker, author and coach. Richard founded Body Talk in 2000 and his team have since worked with 75,000 clients from 46 countries including events in Dubai, Sydney, Toronto, Delhi, Madrid, Singapore, Las Vegas, Moscow and Tokyo. Richard has scientifically proven the Body Talk training will increase your ratings for leadership qualities and personal influence, partnering with University College London (UCL) to create one of the largest studies on influence. Richard and the Body Talk training team love to see their learners thrive.

What do our clients think?

Nick Bonney

Former Head of Insights at Camelot and EE

“These strategies transformed the way our team communicate, accelerating our progress and increasing our success. Richard and the Body Talk team have a rare skill for teaching powerful techniques in a dynamic way and delivering real-world results.”

Di Macdonald

Former Head of Learning at Expedia, Apple and L'Oreal

“Richard is the rockstar of communication! Not only is he a master at teaching these skills, I have seen his strategies turn ordinary people into superstars. It’s remarkable!”

David Murray

Director of Professional Speechwriters Association

“One of the most thoughtful and incredibly creative teachers of communication I’ve come across in my career.”

Ait Voncke

Senior Vice President, Expedia

“The techniques Richard teaches are world class. He has electrified our team and boosted our results.”